Simply Technical - P3

Simply Options and Swings (2 Days)


Trading is a specialized field which can be learned by anyone yet to get the maximum out of the program, a complete commitment is required towards investing your time and efforts. Your results from the program shall directly depend on your commitment to the program. As with any training, you are responsible for the overall results you achieve during and after the program


We expect 100% attendance from the student or at least have a full understanding of the previous session before coming for next session. There will be homework given in each session which has to be submitted as per the given timelines. Course duration is 6 months, which shall not be extended for any student, except on medical grounds. If for any reason, should a student wish to extend the program beyond the stipulated period, it will be done at additional fees.

For any queries on the content of the Course or anything related to course please contact Kamal Shah +91-9833698020

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